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The History of Bathroom Remodeling

Rethought it would bathroom remodel pictures be even nicer to have tile back here so with that accommodate shampoo and so open whatnot I put a box here and here and here and here so this will be the main box for shampoo and stuff a little bit smaller box maybe some smaller bottles borrow soap or something small here and then sort of a woman shaving area here put your foot there maybe the razor or whatever.

so that’s that mostly just two by fours nails and backing one inch board backing back there and then some constructiveness solidify it now one thing I’m going to do this one’s actually has a little bit of a down slope about a sixteenth fan inch this one is the opposite these are pretty flat so once we get the drywall in I’m going to use some joint compound or something and make this just little bit of a slope coming down about a sixteenth of an inch almost unnoticeable in fact it will be unnoticeable.

Except to the water it will allow the water to roll off same as herein here just a little bit of joint compound mainly in the back area to have that at a slope it seems like that’d be logical so water wouldn’t pull up the other thing update here I put a some studs back here some two by fours not exactly sure where the mirror is going to be on it’s a large inch mirror it’s going to go roughly here to here so wherever it’s going to be hung there’s going to be some studs back there somewhere in this area was.

where the hooks are going to be so that’s that-talking to my wife last night we just added to add another electrical limelight right here so this will be a nice light above the mirror so I basically just added this right and off of the main light there also added another wire so I can have another electrical box over here there’s going to be some kind of cabinets or shelves shelf here it’ll have to be fairly small because the shower line is here we only have a few inches to work with but some sort of small shelf system there it’ll probably be custom-built but then we started thinking you know what if you.